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Gain Insight from a Native

Let’s Go to Japan NOW is owned and operated by a Japanese citizen who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 20 years. For the last two decades, our CEO has travelled to Japan for two months out of every year. She maintains a strong finger on the pulse of Japanese culture and trends. The rest of the year, she lives in the Northwest U.S., which gives her the insight to understand an American’s travel needs and desires. 


Explore Your Options With Us

One of the defining characteristics of the Japanese work ethic is undivided attention to detail in everything they do. We embrace that concept at Let’s Go to Japan NOW with focusing on the client’s needs. We understand that your trip starts well before you get of the plane in a foreign land—it actually starts the moment you realize, I’m going to Japan. We provide assistance to you from that moment on. We help you plan what to pack, what to wear, and how to get along with the different power requirements in Japan.

Once in country, we make sure your trip is as stress free as possible. We help you with the language barrier and with your logistics. We take care of all your in-country transportation needs, provide a selection of quality meals—depending on your level of culinary adventurousness. We are attentive of every detail to give you the trip of a lifetime.

Helping You Go For It

Rest Assured In Our Services

If you’re looking at this page, then you know you already want to go to Japan. The two primary obstacles are money and courage. We provide reasonably priced Japanese tours in a safe, comfortable, but adventurous environment. Be brave and take the plunge by visiting Japan with us!

Let’s Go to Japan Now! is a subsidiary of i-BEAK Inc. Located in Boise, ID, we provide services for companies throughout the U.S. and abroad.